15 Things I Enjoy About Being A Lesbian

Hello wonderful, stunning, great
. Nowadays is the day! These days we celebrate becoming visible AF
I’m honoring by purchasing $50 value of Juice hit for my v bloated face, listening to ”
The L Term
” theme song on repeat, texting emotional sentences to all or any my personal
, having a
race, putting on a
leather jacket
, and making this identify all of my personal most preferred parts of being a lesbian. There is a great deal to love and commemorate that it was difficult slim it down, but here goes, babes.

1. ”
The L Keyword”
will be the present that keeps on providing.

I’m not great at several things in life, but I will kick your own butt at ”
The L Term
” trivia any day. I have a freakishly encyclopedic memory in terms of the
favorite lezzie crisis
, I am also thus pleased if you are a closeted 13-year old and binge watching it since it is gifted me personally with of the best activity (and masturbation material—helllooo
and Cherie poolside) of my entire life! And of course the amazing
. I am enjoying
Dream by Bardi Johansson and Noemi
as I write this, which, i may add, was actually playing as Alice remaining an enchanting watch out for Tasha (that completely created her PTSD—whoops!). Like I stated: ENCYCLOPEDIC MEMORY.

2. Scissoring. It really is real. Definitely all.

I don’t have time for just about any of you narrow minded nasties that say scissoring is a fake
fantasy associated with patriarchy. YAWN. I am talking about, have you ever TRIED IT? If you don’t, you might be missing out on exactly what, in my own very humble (most readily useful) opinion, is the most fun element of being a
. Sure, it takes a huge amount of control, may be uncomfortable initially, and takes some ability and mobility, but so do all superior situations in daily life.

3. Community.

Getting a lesbian is incredible since it instantly links you, spiritually and inextricably, to a family. Every single one folks within the LGBTQ umbrella offers both’s fabulous backs (regardless of if we
argue semantics
on the internet from the
WORST components of being a lesbian
simply We DIGRESS). These days, the audience is just
, honey.

4. The ART.

Is-it myself, or perform lesbians make most useful art? Identify a much better break-up record than
Tegan and Sara’s
“The Con.” Name a hotter movie than ”
Below The Woman Mouth
.” Identify a better publication than ”
Rock Butch Blues
.” Identify a far better actress than
Lena Waithe

5. I’m satisfied AF.

Getting a lesbian features approved me personally much
. In case you are different, you excel. Should you decide get noticed, you will need a thick skin. You need
. You need swag. Consequently, these undoubtedly provide self-confidence of a sapphic goddess!

6. Getting to kiss hot girls, duh.

That one is actually self-explanatory, but we’ll go on and on anyhow because it’s
the thing I do for a full time income
. I am
generating away
with girls for, like, 15 years, but we still get giddy and excited everytime. Like, can anything in daily life end up being any more lit than being a hot girl kissing a hot woman?

7. the style.

Lesbians get the best design. Proof
right here
, and, really, every where.

8. The bars.

What keeps me going right on through an especially bleak week may be the pledge of an epic pleased time at precious lez place Cubbyhole. If you should be experiencing down, I can assure that a quarter-hour in Cubby changes that. Before you know it, you will end up throwing back an attempt making use of the friendly and fun AF bartenders, filling the face with complimentary pizza, and talking up the sexy butt girl sitting near to you.

9. Working for GO Mag.

If I wasn’t a flaming homosexual, i’dn’t have the immense respect of working right here and providing you with all lezzie content material! I believe such as the luckiest lesbian around.

10. Leather jeans.

I’m grateful for dykes in leather shorts. Thanks for going to my personal Ted Talk.


is stressful AF once you work with a lesbian journal. The look! The information! The corporation! The float! The functions! The tabling! But, it’s also probably the most magical thing on earth. Pride began as a riot, and, today, it’s a party honoring most of the work and sacrifices our siblings are making for us to get practically naked from the road covered in sparkle. Icons just.

12. History.

These are Pride, how fortunate are we to truly have the possible opportunity to visit a LIVING, RESPIRATION section of queer history like
The Stonewall Inn
? Actually where Pride began! This 12 months, in addition to BUSINESS PRIDE, it is the 50th anniversary of this Stonewall uprising. We’ve got this type of a rich record full of resistance, like, and power.

13. Melissa Etheridge.

Genuine tale: I’d an orgasm from just viewing
Melissa Etheridge
on-stage just last year.

14. V intense, outrageous, life-altering, earth-shattering

^Lesbians’ specialization.

15. Versatility!

While many queer individuals around the world are not as blessed, i really like being able to be me: a massive dyke.

Pleased Lesbian Day Of Exposure! What’s your preferred component about getting a
? How could you be celebrating nowadays? Would you like to go out with me? Inform us when you look at the remarks!


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